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Services: Coaching, Consulting, Training

Andrea Molberg is a fantastic instructor and presenter. Her skills are impeccable, but her insights into human behavior and her sensitivity and empathy for others place her above and beyond the rest.


                                                                                                                                                  Janet Frey, VP, American Dairy Association/Dairy Council of the Upper Midwest

Executive Coaching

A thought partner, Andrea works with people across the globe enabling them to​

  • think strategically

  • work effectively with others

  • set and reach goals

  • tackle difficult issues

  • develop skills

  • optimize performance


A consulting psychologist, Dr. Molberg 

helps organizations, teams, and leaders improve their results and relationships.  

She provides need assessment and effective solutions for people issues: leadership, collaboration, communication,

performance, and conflict.

Seminars and Keynotes

Initiating & Implementing Change 

Building Effective Teams 

Leadership Effectiveness 

Bringing out the Best in People

Building a Collaborative Climate 

Raising Emotional Intelligence 

Selecting, Developing, & Retaining Talent

Dealing with Problem Employees

People Skills

Managing Conflict 

Building & Repairing Relationships

Getting Off the Defensive

Working in a Team

Getting Along is Priceless

Influence With or Without Authority

Disagreeing without Being Disagreeable


Delivering Difficult Messages

Talking About Performance

Skillful Communication

Presentations with Impact 

Making Meetings Work

Giving & Receiving Feedback 

Training Skills for Trainers 

Bridging the Gender Gap

Career Skills

Overcoming Negativity

Managing Up

Overcoming Barriers to Success 

Being Assertive

Coping with the Stress of Change 

Managing Stress / Preventing Burnout 

Being a Professional

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Seminars vary in title, length and focus -- tailored for the group and the situation.
Please contact Dr. Molberg to discuss designing a workshop for you.

Andrea Molberg is a fascinating, energizing speaker.

                                                                                                                                      Minnesota Life Insurance Co.

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